Monday, July 28, 2008

Laugh til you cry

Every once in a while there are moments in our life that touch us and we know they will live forever in our memories such as: first kisses, weddings, births, and MAMA MIA!
I didn't get the chance to see Mama Mia last weekend but we finally made it to the theatre Saturday. First off I have to let you know that my parents had 3 LP records when I was growing up and 2 of them were ABBA records, so I grew up listening to ABBA. We sat in the very top row of seats at the back of the theatre, which was a wise decision seeing as how I started feeling the music during the show. My teenage son was initially embarrassed and kept whispering, "NO, Mom stop!" That didn't stop me though and by the time the Dancing Queen number started I was moving to the beat in my seat. Needless to say this totally embarrassed him but I reminded him that no one in the theatre was watching us. Anyway the show was delightful and at the end Meryl and company do encore performances. I started mimicking their moves and guess what? My husband joined in for fun and then to my total shock my son did as well. There we sat in the dark back row of the theatre with the light of the projector flickering over our heads doing small handmoves to Waterloo. This is a mental picture I will never forget. I started laughing and couldn't stop. I was trying to cover my mouth so no one in the theatre would hear and then subsequently turn around to see us. I laughed until I actually had tears in my eyes. I can't remember the last time that has happened and it felt so freeing to have that much fun. We spend so time wondering what people think and how they will react when we should really just go have fun. We made a family memory, however silly it may be, that all of us will remember for years to come. As Robin Williams says in the movie RV, which by the way if you haven't seen you must, "Can't buy memories like that."
Have a blessed day and go make some memories that you can't buy.

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