Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Days

Schools are closed in the Kentuckiana area today. In case you don't have a clue what Kentuckiana is--well-- it is the area of Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky. Indiana residents receive the Louisville, Kentucky news stations and the area became known as Kentuckiana. Some Hoosiers would prefer Indiucky but that name has not caught on yet. The weather promises to not get any better and it looks like we may have more snow days ahead of us.
Snow days for me bring back memories of building snow structures with my dad and uncle. Over the years my dad "helped" us build igloos, cars, and forts to play in with other kids from the neighborhood. Our pictures would appear in the local newspaper with captions like "snow driving" or "it's an igloo home for three." Teh excitement over snow days was never that we got out of school because I liked school. It was because my dad spent time with us and actually talked to us girls. He had wanted a son but instead had two girls and I often wondered if we had been boys would have he spent more time wth us. He would try to wrestle with us from time to time but mom would always stop him. She was afraid that he would hurt one of us girls. In fact, he did hurt us often but my sister and I liked the time he took to interact with us. Everytime the snowflakes do their delicate dance across the sky, I picture my dad holding my hand as he showed me how to carve the wheel in my race car.