Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Five

Friday Five-

1. It is another Friday closer to school starting here and I am not sure if I am scared or excited. I have most of the work done so far but I could still use another week to be fully prepared for classes.

2. My husband started a myspace for the young adults in our church and he is doing a daily scripture for them to read on his blog. He has people viewing his blogs and I think it is a good tool to use because some of them will going off to college this fall. It seems like just yesterday they were in middle school and we were just starting as youth pastors. Where did the time go? I know they are all going to be just fine because they are a great bunch of kids.

3. My niece has tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert and they were trying to get me to take her. Luckily I have an appointment and cannot take her. It makes me remember going to see New Kids on the Block when I was in school. My friend Stefanie's father got the tickets and drove four wild girls to the concert. We had a blast and lost our voices all in the same night. I hope my niece has as much fun at her concert.

4. Tomorrow I am having some ladies over to my house for a night of fun. I haven't planned everything out just yet but I know we will have fun. The husbands are meeting at another house to watch UFC videos.

5. MOMMA MIA!!!! opens tonight in theatres and I will be there singing along. I wanted to see the play when I went to New York but I was there during the strike so none of the shows were playing. I love Meryl and Colin too so it will be awesome to see the movie. The only thing better would be if it were January because Wicked comes to Louisville and I am so totally going.

Have a great weekend!!!!! Be adventuresome and try something new.

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