Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Awakened by a storm

I was deep into a dream when the rumblings of thunder echoed through my head. I tried ignoring the bothersome storm to no avail. I would not be returning to dreamland this morning; instead I will be waking early to face the grayish day. Rain is good for the scorching hot days that take your breathe and energy away because the drops bring sweet relief to an exhausted body. But waking up as a result of a thunderstorm is not my ideal situation. I can deal though because now the house is completely silent because my son is still in bed. There is no TV to distract my thoughts, no dog barking to go outside, no phones ringing to interrupt my typing. It is just me and this blog. When I started this blog I had ambitiously high hopes that people would read it, fall in love with it, tell their friends about it, and then I would be almost a writer. My dream has not played out exactly as I dreamed with this blog. Maybe it is because I am not interesting, I write about the wrong type of stuff, or I have to wait for my ship to come in so to speak.
I did find out that I will be attending a conference in San Antonio, Texas this November which is another dream of mine. I see pictures of the Riverwalk on TV and now I will be seeing it in person. Hey I know I get excited over silly stuff but I did grow up in a small town in Indiana and I currently live in an even smaller town, so San Antonio is big news to me, plus it is not going to cost me anything.

Have a blessed day and DREAM BIG!!

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