Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The devil is in the details. That is so true. I have to have an exit interview to leave my old job and have them sign my license so that I can have them renewed by the state. I hate details.
Details can also be good. When my students write I find myself asking them for more details to help the story move along. I usually tell them to use their five senses to come up with those details. They hate details but I know in the end it will make their papers better, so I push for details.
Anyway, we had company over last night for dinner and it was fun. They are friends from Florida and we ended up watching Wild Hogs with Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, and William H. Macy because my husband and the other gentleman couldn't stop quoting large sections of the movie. We had a blast and by the end we were all saying the lines. I love having friends who you can just laugh and be yourself with them.
I have been writing this month for Laurie Halse Anderson's WriteFifteenMinutesADay challenge but my book that I was working on is not going anywhere. I am stuck and I mean stuck. The whole time I have been writing this story the main female character has been talkking in my head (NO I AM NOT CRAZY) and suddenly she is gone. I don't know if she thought the story stunk and she didn't want to be apart of it anymore or if I just need to let this story sit a few months. I have never attempted to write before until this last summer and I feel totally inadequate in writing it now. I think I will just keep on writing down details until I find my female character again. If you hear her please tell her I am looking for her.

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