Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Three days until Spring Break

I sit here this morning three days to go until Spring Break wondering why I decided to become a teacher again. The kids don't want to be at school, especially since the snow days have taken away all of our little three day weekends that tend to help keep the natives calm. So as the tribal leader I have to keep them safe from each other. While they are busy building secret alliances with each other, crossing tribal bounds, and driving their leader nuts, I am trying to grade research papers. Fun times...I know many of you are wondering where can I sign up for this job. Let me remind you the pay stinks, the hours are not 8-3 like you think, and I have not had a full summer off since I started teaching...
BUT nothing can replace the feeling I get when:
a parent walks up to me and says, "Thank you. Zak has never been a big reader until your class."
a football players tells me that he read 3 books for my class and that was more than he had read in the last two years.
a student comes to my room for support when their day is going wrong.
I see the look on a student's face when they see their writing posted on my top author bulletin board.
I know a student finally understands the concept we are talking about because I can see it in their face.
students ask me what to read next because I pick the best books.
I read a story from one of my students with special needs and it blows me away with how deep it is.

For me teaching is so worth it, even when there are only 3 days to Spring Break and the natives are restless. Is it time for a tribal council yet?

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