Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Last night was the premiere of Dancing with the Stars or DWTS. It was good but I haven't picked a stand out favorite yet. I really liked Gilles Marini. His dance with Cheryl was awesome.

Meanwhile...our Principal announced yesterday that he is retiring after this year. It is sad because he is a good principal and now my son will not what it was like to have Mr. Ralston as a principal. Things just keep changing around here and I am not sure I like it all.

In other news...I started reading the new John Green book Paper Towns. It is good and if you liked Looking for Alaska, you will love this one. I have such a huge reading list that is almost makes me feel intimidated to think about it. I have this summer to catch up.

One last thing...I think I have started writing a book. It started as just some freewriting exercise but I think it is actually going to shape into a book. Now whether or not I ever publish this book is an entirely different story.

My planning is about over so I must sprint down the hall to use the restroom before the herd comes tromping through.

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