Saturday, February 14, 2009

grade deadlines and books

This week ended our first grading period of this semester. That would be fine if this grading period had been normal. In total we missed 6 whole days during the grading period, not consecutive days either, and had countless days with 2 hour delay schedules. This would all be fine if I was not in the middle of research papers with my Sophomores. My grades look seriously low because they have not been on a regular enough schedule to get the work done. I had a massive pile of papers turned in Friday and just spent my Valentine's evening grading them all. My husband is very understanding. Now I have to go back to school and enter the grades into the computer on Monday.
I am getting excited about Laurie Halse Anderson's and Sarah Dessen's new books coming out soon. I am such a huge fan of both of their books. Wintergirls by Anderson looks to be my new favorite book. I read her excerpt on the myspace page for wintergirls and now I wish I had an ARC to read because I can't wait. I did read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls this week and was pulled into her story. This book is such an insight into the life of poverty and what children experience. I think every teacher should read it because it opens your eyes. I hate to think that children really lived like that but I know they do on a daily basis.

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