Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Reading

Seems like I never get to post on this blog but this summer is allowing me the time to actually read and I LOVE IT! I was at the bookstore yesterday when a book caught my eye because of the author name- Brent Crawford. He wrote the book Carter Finally Gets It, this is the book my teenage son read in two days. That in and of itself is a miracle but as added icing on the cake, it is a good book. The new book is titled Carter's Big Break and is about young Will Carter landing a role in a movie, so far it is as funny as the first novel. It is often hard to find a good male narrator, there are a few good ones out there, Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson, Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn, and any book by Walter Dean Myers are a few of the really good ones.
While at the bookstore I picked up a copy of Simone Elkeles' book Perfect Chemistry. I had been meaning to buy the book for a long time but had not gotten the chance. On the last day of school I had a former student run in and tell me that I just had to, had to, had to read Perfect Chemistry. She was talking so fast I could barely follow her. I figured if it made her that excited, then I had to give the book a chance. I started it last night and only out of sheer exhaustion did I put the book down. The young male, Alex, is another good example of a well written male narrator. I can't wait to finish it today when I get time to read again. I love summer reading. What books are you reading?

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