Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I woke up early this morning because of a terrible nightmare that I was having. It was so real that I didn't realize that I was dreaming until I woke up in my room. I remember vivid details and emotions from this dream unlike those other dreams that you forget as soon as you wake up. My heart's prayer is that my nightmare never comes true and that is all that I will share.
I have a student this year that I had been warned about prior to school starting. I usually listen to other teachers but I don't let that information cloud my judgment of the student. I start each year off with a clean slate on each student. Well this particular student missed the first day but was in school yesterday and he didn't even try to make a nice first impression. He was testing and sometimes pushing his limits from the very first moment I walked into the room. He doesn't know this but that only makes me work harder to win him over, so to speak. I will not give in and send him to the office because in reality that is what he wants. He wants to be home or out with his older brothers causing trouble, instead I will try my best to keep him in the classroom. I will also make it a personal mission to make sure he learns something even though yesterday on his paper he just scribbled lines and said, "hey, I'm done." He has no idea how much his actions yesterday just sparked a fire in me to change his mind about school. Now in reality I know I have a very slim chance of changing this student based on family history but I will try up until the very last day of school.
It's time to get ready for school. Have a blessed day and pray for our schools.

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